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Entry #1


2010-04-07 16:53:47 by Ja1000

Un saludo a todos


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2010-04-07 17:00:44

Hola ja1000. ¿cómo estás?

Ja1000 responds:

Bien gracias


2010-04-11 14:38:33

Hola vi tu flash esta bueno

Ja1000 responds:

Muchas gracias, esta bueno que les gusten mi animacion ;-)


2010-04-18 04:06:12

Hey, dude, I really like that you make animation that has your native culture in it, and it makes me really sad that people give you bad marks just because they don't understand your words. I think it's wrong, and you shouldn't give up because of the fools.

Ja1000 responds:

Thank you very much for your support I am delighted that someone will support me this way, thank you very much friend


2011-05-22 14:11:03

what? whos talking? i cant speak your language!